Insanely Awesome Facts About Body Fat

Today everybody wants to control their body fat and for that, they undergo various types of tactics and strategies for losing excess body fat.

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So let us have a look at some of the fascinating facts about body fat.

1.Body fat is considered to be one of the most essential element as we all need a certain amount of body fat to live. It is majorly required so that your body functions normally and you remain healthy.

2.100,000 calories of fat is considered to be equal to 54 packs of butter but this amount is considered to be enough to fuel the energy which you require to carry out certain activities for almost 86 days.

3.A research carried out by Laval University Of Canada state that too much of thinking can also lead to the generation of extra calories as it urges the body to feel hungry and consume excess food.

4.On an average, a person gains 1 g of extra body fat every day. One thing you should know that 1g a day is equal to 365g of extra fat a year. This means that when you will reach the age of 50 you will have 20lbs of extra body fat.

Don’t get depressed after reading these fascinating facts about body fat. You still have the time to lose it if you cater the right technique for losing it.