Energy Saving Facts That Will Cool Your Home This Summer

This summer you will use a lot of energy in running appliances to make your house cool. But this will burn a large hole in your pocket when it will come to pay your electricity bills.

So here are some vital energy saving tips which can help you save energy as well as be cool at your home this summer season.

  • Placing lamps or TV sets near your air-conditioning thermostat can cause your AC’s to run for a longer time as your thermostat may sense a continuous flow of heat from the appliances. So in order to save energy set your appliances apart from the air-conditioning thermostat.
  • Run your AC between the temperatures 78 F to 72 F, this can help you save up to 18% on your bill.
  • Plan your landscaping very well and place trees very properly around the houses. This can help you a lot of money annually.
  • Majorly on an average a house loses around 20% of its hot and cold air due to improper air ducts. So in order to save energy make sure that the ducts are sealed properly and well insulated.
  • The process of heating water accounts around 14 to 25 % of energy consumption in your home. So its beneficial that you turn down the temperature of your heater, which can help you save a lot of money.