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Some Very Amazing Facts About Energy Consumption

Consumption is not just about stuff and purchases, but resources are also a vital part of it. In particular, in countries like America, energy consumption leaves a big carbon footprint. Consumption of energy can prove to be harder to wrap up your minds as it is less of a tangible thing.

So to help you out in energy consumption below are some vital facts about energy consumption.

Electricity is not the Primary Energy source in the USA

In the USA electricity is a secondary energy source as it is generated from the following primary sources of energy i.e natural gas, coal, petroleum oil, nuclear and renewable energy.

Americans are Energy Hogs

America makes up around 5% of the global population but when it comes to consumption of energy they consume a whopping 26% of the global energy.

Demand Of Energy Is Peaking

A recent report has indicated that the demand for oils is on the peak and the reason behind this is the increasing demands of various energy sources. The demand for energy in some countries has been increased by 3 percent per year. In developing countries, the demand is even greater.

Standby is mainly responsible for energy wastage

A large number of appliances consist of a standby feature in which the appliance is in off condition but still it consumes around 85% of the electricity. A survey states that in a house on an average around 8 appliances are left on standby mode at a time.